The Ever Changing Fashion Market

Fashion is a funny thing; it's made up of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories people wear throughout the year on themselves. The clothes you buy from a clothes shop, a supermarket or even online shops the range will have something to do with the current fashion. There's always a new fashion item coming out especially to the start of each season from winter to summer to autumn to spring. It's not only clothes and accessories to go with them that are fashion items but also hair and make-up. Hair has become an important statement in many people, especially if a celebrity has a new hair cut, it suddenly gets into the limelight and everyone seems to go and have their version of the hairstyle created. The most recent craze of hairstyle is definitely the Pob which Victoria Beckham introduced after getting rid of those hair extensions.

She is continuously changing the Pobs colour and cut and many people copy this style making this a fashion statement. Celebrities are the main fashion victims, they take it very seriously if a designer says this is this season's look of course they will be wearing it. I think fashion has become more important in young adults due to the celebrities always sporting the fashion items. High street shops are always making their own version of the hot item for the season at a much cheaper price than the real thing, which attracts more people to buy it.

Problem is the more people who buy the item the more likely you are to wear the same thing as another person at a party or shopping in town. So why not be different and individual, create your own style if you want just use on piece of fashion and mix other items together. Brands become successful as people buy their clothing, bags, shoes and accessories after seeing them in magazines as the hottest item of the month. The more the brands advertise the more likely they are to have high sales.

The companies use clever tricks to get customers to buy their products with special offers and limited edition items. Many brands charge high prices that celebrities and high earners can only afford but there are some people who don't care what the price is the higher the better in some sense, buying an item just because of the name on the item, getting them in debt with the use of credit cards. These companies are able to return premium profits for themselves at the cost of the customers.

With the ever changing fashion circle you can buy one item of clothing and its out already, it continuously changes from country to country, climate to climate and date to date. Fashion from the 70's has recently been in fashion again in the last year so it's amazing how fashions do come back. I had an item of clothing my mum said she wore when she was around my age too, so it proves fashion is an ever changing circle.

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