The Imminent Progress Of PC Games

Pixel graphics and poorly made visuals: this is something you might remember if you were fortunate enough to live during the evolution of PC games. Interestingly, this was only a decade ago- and PC games barely even had any support from operating systems to function at all. Compared to today, we can see how PC games have become a common household product. But in today's world, we are more interested in hot topics such as virtual reality. The fabled pixel graphics of the past are long gone, and likely only to return when a bit of nostalgia is in order.

But how did we get to the life-like video games of today, and where are we going as a society? PC Games and Peripherals PC games and peripherals go hand-in-hand for a better gaming experience. It all started with ideas such as the "Game Glove" or the much-loved gun peripheral for "Duck Hunt"- a popular Nintendo game in video game past. PC game peripherals have been lacking over the years, but this is not to say PC gamers haven't had their fair share of the market.

But the most common PC game peripherals are gamepads- surely not the most advanced, but the most common. Gamepads are popular for making the playing experience easier- not necessarily more lifelike. A first person shooter player may, for instance, use a gamepad to use "hot keys" to do certain commands- such as talking to teammates or changing weapons. The Evolution of PC Games and Graphics Graphics in the 1990's were limited to fairly crude visuals. Sure, cut-scenes were able to make stunning appearances to PC gamers, but actual in-game graphics were lacking.

This was due mostly in part to the fact that the hardware at the time could not handle the extra work associated with better quality graphics. But today, almost everything exists in a 3D realm. Models, characters, objects, and sprites are all created with complex 3D modeling programs. The result: more realistic PC games.

But as time progresses, and processors can keep up with larger amounts of pixels, the gap between reality and virtual reality might just be bridged. How PC Games Dominate Society Anytime we turn around, there is yet another massively popular game sweeping entire nations in a frenzy. The HALO series, for instance, is a prime example of what a PC game can do to a nation. Thousands of people flocked to stores to buy the game as soon as it was released on PC- showing that PC games can be much more popular than movies.

Clearly, PC games have become important to society as we know it. The only thing left to ponder is what PC games will be like in the future. The Future of PC Games The foundations of virtual reality are already being developed. We already have the ability to use brain waves to move objects in PC games- the interesting part will be to see where the technology goes, and how far we take it. Another interesting technology is holographic technology.

This type of technology allows for humans to interacts with photons of light, meaning that we can interact with fake objects! This is truly a remarkable technology, and we can only hope that its debut it PC gaming will be swift in the coming decades.

Playing strategy games is a staple in today's society- so do your part and download pc games today!

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