Things You DIDNT Know About Making Money At Craft Shows

In fairness, for some of you long-time craft show warriors, this might be review. And in reality, there is only so much to know ? and then the rest is probably learned from experiencing the actual craft shows themselves. But, take a look at the 4 things I have included in this article, and then you can judge for yourself! Here are 4 things you didn't know about making money at craft shows: 1.) Double, triple or more your cost ? That's right! If you are making a craft for $4 each, depending on the craft, you can double the price minimum ? likely triple it, and possibly charge more. One of the biggest problems with crafters is that they sell their crafts short ? and it affects the bottom line. Figure out your cost, and then make as much as you can on it! 2.

) Added value sells crafts ? It likely doesn't even matter how valuable the added items are, but the perception from the buyer is that are 'receiving' more. This can be a powerful tool in selling your crafts. It can also allow you to charge a little more for your craft, because the perception of receiving more allows it. 3.) Eye level sells more crafts ? If you have a variety of crafts in your craft show booth, you want to keep the ones that are going to make you more profit at eye level. Studies show that people tend to buy more products that are at eye level than if the (crafts) were near the floor, or up above the head.

People like to see what they are buying, and they like to have it convenient ? so eye level is always best to sell the crafts in your booth. 4.) Provide all pay options ? The more options you accept for payment, the more sales you are going to make. Many crafters will make sales by credit card and by cash, but you can make even more if you allow buyers to use their personal banking card ? as if they were at an ABM (Automated Banking Machine). This is a convenient option that is sure to convert a few more sales in your craft show booth.

I certainly hope you weren't disappointed. I know these things are going to help you make more money in your booth ? some of them might be common knowledge, too! Still, if you incorporate just two of these suggestions, I believe you are going to see a definite increase in the profit from your craft show business!.

Natalie Goyette shows you how to make your craft show business profitable in her best selling ebook: Craft Show Success Secrets. Visit her site: Craft Shows

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