To Burn Wii Game Or Not To Burn Wii Games

To Burn Wii games or not to ? That is the question. The Wii is ever increasing in popularity, and as such there is a huge demand for games. Many people are trying to increase their collections, but is that really the way to go? We'll find some alternatives in this article. The main reason not to burn Wii games is the law.

It's illegal! It seems like the authorities get better at catching people for this stuff all the time, so it's more likely every day that you'll get caught if this is what you are doing. Is it really worth going to jail to play Zelda? Maybe it would be if you could take it with you, but I'm pretty sure there are no Wiis in the slammer. Another reason is the Mod chip.

Your Wii doesn't like copied games, and it won't play them unless you get it modified. And guess what? That means letting some guy you never met before open your Wii up and fool around with its insides with his soldering iron. Doesn't sound too cool to me.

Not only will this probably shorten the lifespan of your Wii, it will most definitely invalidate your warranty. If you get hit with some overheating problems or whatever, Nintendo won't give a damn because you broke your warranty. Still want to burn Wii games? Another reason is effort.

Have you ever tried to run a copied game on a modded console? It's not as easy as just switching it on like normal. There are all kinds of procedures to follow, and quite a lot of the time the games won't work at all. It takes around three hours to get a Wii game burned. Imagine sitting through that for 3 hours and then struggling for another couple to get it working, only to find it's a bad burn and you need to start again with a fresh disc. It happens. Often! Alternatives to burning Wii Games- Okay so the Wii games are too expensive-have you considered getting pre-owned games? Many video stores and game shops provide this service now, and you can find real bargains.

You can also trade the old titles you don't wan't against the new ones. This can save you hefty chunk long term. Another good alternative to burning Wii games is to download the games instead. Not from some shady torrent site either, I mean downloading from a real reputable company. Places like this can be tough to find, but once you find them you are home and dry.

The way it works is that you usually pay a one off up front fee, and then that gives you access to the website's database of titles. Not just games, but movies and music also. As you've seen, if you've an urge to burn Wii games, you're much better off going about things another way and staying within the law.

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