To Play Better Golf Putting Consistently Will Help

Do you get excited at the thought of putting? Does it give you a high to go to the range it spend an hour on your putting? I ask these questions leading into the idea that your putting could be costing you several strokes every round. Now picture this scenario. How many times have you gotten to the green in regulation only to "three-jack" your putts and walk off with bogey or worse? I have done it more times than I want to think, and it is humiliating to say the least! Golf putting seems so basic and easy and yet to make 50% of your 8 foot putts is very difficult.

I have always looked at putting practice as boring, so I never use to do it. Big mistake that was! The more I ignored my putting, the more strokes I was leaving on the greens from every round I played. I can't tell you how many times a I killed a long drive down the middle, got to the green in regulation, and 3-putted more holes than I can count. Not a pretty picture, and one that is the brunt of all the jokes after the round. Does this sound familiar? Do you have putting woes that jack up your scores beyond where they should be? If so, keep reading as I want to burn in your brain the importance of golf putting and practice.

Practicing your putting doesn't have to be boring. In fact there are many excellent golf putting aids that can keep you focused and really get you dialed in on your putting. I have taken my putting aid to the practice green and spent over an hour there.

That's unheard of for me! I have to laugh now. These putting aids are very effective at helping you groove a perfect putting stroke that will hold up for 18 holes. In fact, after taking my putting more seriously, I dropped 5 strokes of my score and I was already a 9 handicap! Now you've got to do some research at your local golf store to find the putting aid that will work for you.

Hopefully you can even try one out before you buy it. Doing this gives you an idea of how effective it will be and if you will stick with it. Some of these aids may seem hokey! Don't take those seriously. Look at the ones that will directly help your putting stroke and tempo. Thank goodness there are not as many golf putting aids as there are clubs! The bottom line to lowering your scores is to practice your putting! Putting is over 40% of your score.

don't ignore it!.

Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is the founder of 8 golf performance and information websites. For more golf putting aid reviews, visit his site today.

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