Ultimate World Of Warcraft Warrior Guide

Playing warrior in WoW gives a player many enjoyable angles. There are quite a few world of warcraft warrior guides that delve far too deeply on the warrior proficency in PvP or lack of and focus too much on jargon without giving a good overall view of what it is like to really play this class. This is a class that is good to play solo and in group and fun too. Here we shall explore why. You will always be warned against playing a warrior in WoW because are so gear dependent.

This is actually great news because the warrior's range of gear is far superior to any other class. The only weapons they can't use are wands and relics, and they are the only class, apart from Paladins, that can plate up once hitting level 45 . Wearing plate not only makes your character look fantastic but it adds to their awesome armor and power.

Their major role in group is as a tank. This is a term used to describe their capacity of dealing and taking a lot of damage much the same as a real tank in batte can do. They are the main artillery of the group defending other members as they too give out damage without aggro which the warriors absorbs so that the group can more easily dispense of their foes.

Like all other classes a warrior has talents and abilities divided up in three major trees which at end game can become their specialist areas: Arms Warrior specialization is one that allows a warrior to have many faceted talents mainly focused on offensive and utility purposes. As weapons they will use two handed axes, maces or swords to inflict the heaviest damage. Abilities like Mortal Strike further impact on their destructive ability in combat. Overall a great specialization if you like access to a large range of weapons and shields.

Fury Warrior: this is the spec that is preferred by warriors looking to power level fast in world of warcraft. They too specialize in two handed weapon combat and have fantastic talents like "Flurry" where they can win or turn a fight with one single move. Fury warriors are also often referred as Rogues with plate armor such is their similarity when inflicting weapon damage and speed of fighting. Protection Warriors: for tank spec this is the class to be. More defensively minded, using shields and sword mastery to fend off off enemies and absorb and deflect damage. This makes them last longer in combat than the other two tree specializations and required if want to play your warrior as a tank.

It should also be mentioned that whatever type of tree you build up, talents and abilities are limited in access by the stance a warrior assumes. These are: Battle Stance (Normal), Defensive Stance (Protection), and Berserker Stance (Fury). Obviously each stance will be more leaned to what kind of warrior you specialized into ie Beserker Stance for Fury Warriors and Defensive Stance for Protection Warrior (tanks).

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