Bhavas (Houses)

1st - (Sun) shows the head - ego - ones self , body , general prosperity, health and well being, basic self expression, physical constitution, personality, Its associations are key (ex. 6th health - 7th relations. Etc.)

2nd - (Jupiter, mercury)
gathering / holding resources, livelihood, speech, youth, financial success (or not) through career / labor. Show our tastes, food, art / poetry / capac. to communicate, how we operate and express.

3rd - (Mars, mercury) curiosity, power, brother, friends, motivation, interest basic life energy, impulses and intention that drives us. Will ambition, passion, zeal, rashness impulsiveness main interests, sport, hobbies

4th - (Moon) emotion, happiness, property, mind, upbringing, education, refinement, masses, popularity, land acquisition, vehicles, what is internal, capacity to Relax, it?s afflictions are hard to overcome, most sensitive

5th - (Jupiter) creative intelligence, education, speculation, romance, children, past life credit, games, spiritual practices. Creativity in general - giving birth to our ideas - children show our primal creative urge

6th - (Mars, Saturn) health and disease, work and service, foreigners, pets, enemies, effort, resistance to illness, immune system. Our capacity to do hard labor - overcome physical obstacles / enemies.

7th - (Venus, Jupiter) Long term romantic relationships, general relations with others, business associates. Being opposite the ascendant, it shows that to which we are most drawn and most challenged to learn.

8th - (Saturn) sex, death, the occult, dark / hidden side of life, longevity, research, destruction / regeneration of any sort. Through the 8th house we confront our mortality. It can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives.

9th - (Jupiter) religious, philosophical or ethical principles, grace, dharma (life purpose). Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so. The luckiest house.

10th - (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) public status, material achievement, skill, success, career, our affect on the world. Politics. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance.

11th - (Jupiter) aspirations and goals, financial and material gains, friendship, impulse, abundance and excess. Ability to project our intelligence on the world. Where we expand. Planets here show their expansive nature.

12th - (Saturn , Ketu) subconscious, hidden nature, loss, liberation, decrease, wastage of energy. Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment.

House Types

Kendra 1,4,7,10 - (Lakshmi Houses) (Like a cardinal sign) Most important, they are strong and active to accomplish their potential - Sharp energetic - power for achievement and strong will. Tenth is the strongest - seventh, fourth, first. Tenth house even overpower the ascendant. Malefics and Benefics are exalted (1) BODY (4) HOME (7) MARRIAGE (10) CAREER. Same Modality as the ascendant.

Trine 1,5,9 -
Houses of dharma (1) personal (5) creative (9) ore collective. They give as well as take. not as strong as angles but they boost the chart and strengthen signs 5 and 9. called houses of Vishnu. Jupiter and the moon are good in trines. One trine aspects all others. They are in the same element as the ascendant. More important for spirituality.

Succedent - 2,5,8,11
- (like a fixed) Accumulation of resources - maintaining what we have. 5th, 11th, 2nd, 8th. Income houses. 5th - speculation, 11th through income, 2nd personal work, 8th inheritance. Also mind self expression, 5th, intelligence, 2nd speech, 8th insight, worldly communication

Cadent - 3,6,9,12 (like a mutable) give sensitivity, adaptability, high intelligence - but unstable, uncertain - mental or nervous problems. Good for spiritual development. 9th, 3rd, 6th, 12th. 6th and 12th difficult for health and happiness - 9th and 12th more spiritual. 3rd and 6th give conflict and striving.

Upachaya - 3, 6 10, 11 they are increasing houses. Planets in them give more over time. Mars and Saturn do well here, give power to overcome obstacles. Malefics do well in the 11th.

Apachaya - 1,2,4,7,8 houses of decrease
. They lose their strength through time. Malefics do not do well In them, particularly the 8th.

Dusthanas - difficult houses. 6, 8, 12 - benefics are weakened esp. under malefic influence - esp. moon. 6th - Malefics good for power but can cause disease. Benifics good for intelligence, but disease. Rahu good for spirituality. 8th. Mars can cause death or harm. Saturn long life sans prosperity. 12th Benefics are good for rebirth. Venus for prosperity. Ketu for spiritual capacity. Rahu nervous system disorders.

Planets near the midheaven in houses 9,10 and 11 represent how we affect the world in terms of our values (9th), actions (10th), and goals (11th). Opposite in houses 3,4 and 5 are our vital energy (3), emotional state (4), and intelligence (5th). Planets high in the chart tend to dominate those low in the chart.
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