The Signs (rashis)

Whereas the Houses show the different areas of life and what concrete results will unfold, the signs show the operating forces that affect those things. In Vedic thought and Vedic Astrology these forces refer closely to the 4 aims of life and they are reflected in the qualities of the 4 sign elements. These 4 aims are precepts that act as a guide for life in this physical world, They provide a structure so that we may not only grow toward realization, but we will also enjoy our lives in the process.

The 4 aims of life and their corresponding elements are:
Dharma (right action)
- related to Fire Signs. Our dharma is what we really feel compelled to do. It is usually our career or vocation.
Artha (wealth and comfort ) - related to Earth Signs. Artha means wealth. It is the money and resources we need and what we to do keep it.
Kama (happiness and pleasure) - related to Air Signs. Kama is the pleasure that we derive from the things we have, and the price we pay for it.
Moksha (transcendence, liberation) - related to Water Signs. Moksha is our desire to transcend the confines of mind and body and the difficulties it brings .

In addition to the 4 elements, each element has one of these 3 qualities to it. The qualities are:
Moveable - active and changing but pushy - like pitta
Fixed - steady and focused but stubborn - like kapha
Dual - flexible, can lead or not, but can be unfocused - like vata
  1. Aries (Male Mars - HEAD - Moveable Fire) Key: Developing inner courage and strength, not just bold and brash actions. Use their sharp minds to pursue spiritual truth.
  2. Taurus (Female Venus - FACE/NECK - Fixed Earth) Key: Transform the desire and attachment to comfort and pleasure into a desire for higher wisdom and devotion.
  3. Gemini (Male Mercury - LOWER NECK/SHOULDERS/ HANDS - Dual Air) Key: When they seek inner knowledge not outward sensation they can be very spiritual.
  4. Cancer (Female Moon - CHEST - Moveable Water) Key: Channel the Moon's intuitive power to cultivate surrender rather than lead to deeper attachment.
  5. Leo - (Male Sun - SOLAR PLEXUS - Fixed Fire) Key: To allow the soul's warming light to shine, illuminating and uplifting others, rather than overpowering and thus, burning them
  6. Virgo - (Female Mercury - BOWELS - Dual Earth) Key: To realize that developing tolerance for their imperfections and the imperfections of others is true purification.
  7. Libra - (Male Venus - LOWER ABDOMEN - Moveable Air) Key: To realize the love of beauty includes the love of truth. This will lead to their transcendence.
  8. Scorpio - (Female Mars - Genitals - Fixed Water) Key: If they learn to control their obsessions, profound spiritual insights rarely attained by others are possible.
  9. Sagittarius - (Male Jupiter - HIPS - Dual Fire) Key: Must learn to use their magnanimous spirit to uplift the soul, not just have a good time or seek popularity.
  10. Capricorn - (Female Saturn - Knees - Moveable Earth) Key: Need to learn more self surrender, to take themselves, the world and their place in the world less seriously.
  11. Aquarius - (Male Saturn - Lower Legs - Fixed Air) Key: To see their self - negation and humility as an empowering key to higher awareness, not as a sentence to a life of servitude.
  12. Pisces - (Female Jupiter - Feet - Dual Water) Key: Can experience the joy of the soul if they can control their imaginations and develop discrimination.
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