What are the best Audiobooks for Success and Motivation Mind Self Improvement

How good would it be for you if you could create a state of mind where you feel that you can do and achieve anything? Where you work faster and produce better results. Break down and solve problems quickly. Take decisions like a top CEO and brush obstacles aside like the Roman Empire? "Ah yes" you say, "happens to me once or twice a month".

A shame it happens so rarely. It need not be like that though, and here's why: Fact 1 - This is how successful people feel most of the time. Fact 2 ? It is JUST a mindset. Fact 3 ? You can use audiobooks to give your mind a "work out" & create this state of mind "on demand". There are many downloadable audio books on the whole success and motivation subject though, and this can make knowing what one(s) to get hard.

So in this article we'll break things down to make it easy for you to get going. Sections - 1) Supercharged Mind - Defined 2) 3 Important facts about the "Supercharged state" 3) How "Brain" workout audiobooks will help you 4) My top 10 audiobooks to give you the best bang/buzz for your buck! **Supercharged Mind - Defined** You've probably had times when you feel supercharged, when you feel like you can do and achieve anything. When - 1) Everything around you seems to take on extra crisp clarity. 2) You can do things at higher speed and act more decisively than usual.

3) You feel that anything is achievable and that the world can, and will be at your feet! 4) If you're selling something you've got extra buzz and motivation and sell way better than "usual" It's essentially a "performance enhanced" state of mind ? but you're going to use audio books rather than dodgy substances to get it! ** 3 Important facts about the "Supercharged state"** 1) Successful people have this mindset and can turn it on and off on demand. 2) You don't have to be supercharged all the time. You can & should turn off or else you'll likely burn out! 3) You can condition your brain with audiobooks to get into this supercharged state. As I say you don't need to be charged up all the time. For example: If you can go from 0% of your working day "in zone" to 20% of your day you can add way more than 20% in results - if you apply yourself right.

For example: When "fully charged" ? In sales - Do your new business calls. ? Marketing or writing ? Do your creative work. ? Anything ? Tackle the hard and important tasks that have greatest reward potential. When you're back in "situation normal" then do your admin and boring internal emails.

** How Brain Workout Audiobooks can help you ** Easier said that done you may say. How do I supercharge on demand? Well, the most common way is by reading motivational/success books or going to seminars. Both of these are fine but have limitations: ? Books ? Time, especially if you have family or are working flat out and drive-commute. ? Seminars ? Time again but also cost ? and the charge drains off quickly afterwards. Enter the audiobook: ? Audio books negate the time and cost problems. ? You can force charge your mind (push it in) as oppsoed to physically "eye-read" (drag it in) ? Have those supercharged seminar speakers in your head ? Anytime, at the press of a button.

For example, you can listen to audiobooks while: ? Driving or on the train ? Relaxing in the dark ? Cleaning the car ? Dog walking ? Gardening ? Jogging, working out etc Oh yes, it's essential to be around positive people as much as possible too. Negative people are like charge draining vampires. They will pull you down as they want everyone to be as depressed as they are ? there's comfort in shared misery after all! Best stop now I sound like one of the audio books (and it's their job to teach you about this stuff) ** My top 10 download audiobooks for mind supercharging ** My advice is to have a good look about and choose 2 or 3 solid audiobooks to start with. Don't be limited by my choices though. Explore.

It's a new world out there and it's waiting for you to come along and give it a damn good spanking! 1. Glenn Harrold's Ultimate Guide to Building Your Motivation. Author: Glenn Harrold Publisher: BBC Audiobooks. 2. Awaken the Giant Within.

Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio. 3. Glenn Harrold's Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Goals & Dreams.

Author: Glenn Harrold. Publisher: BBC Audiobooks. 4.

Unlimited Power. Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio. 5. How to Win Friends & Influence People. Author: Dale Carnegie.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio. 6. Giant Steps. Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.

7. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Author: Susan Jeffers.

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Audiobooks. 8. Slow Down?and Get More Done.

Author: Marshall J Cook. Publisher: Listen & Live. 9.

Why We Want You To Be Rich. Authors: Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio 10. Get Up and Do It! Publisher: BBC Audiobooks. Oh, and a last minute entry.I couldn't stop myself but didn't want to push any others out for: 11.

What Would Machiavelli Do? Author: Stanley Bing. Publisher: Harper Collins US. All of these audio books can be downloaded from online audio book stores and played on your PC, Mac, mp3 player, ipod or burned onto a CDR. Any of these audiobooks will make a great first go, so check them out and go for it ? Do NOT procrastinate or you won't even get out of the starting blocks!.

Originally from the UK, Nick now lives in Sweden with fiancÚ Lena, a Border Terrier called Gunnar and 2 step daughters Elin and Emelie. He likes to fish, is learning Swedish (from an audiobook) and runs MyAudioBookShelf.com a 6000+ title downloadable audiobook for mp3, ipod & Burn to CD website, that, oddly enough, has a business, success and self help category

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