Womens College Basketball League History

The history of women's college basketball started in Smith College for girls in 1893. But the first official basketball match played by women was between Stanford and Berkley in April 1896, which was played behind locked doors, for women eyes' only. The first rules for women basketball were drawn up in 1901. These included rules that we would find peculiar today like having the basket sewn, where the umpire had to retrieve the ball after each score, and even playing on grass courts! In 1975, the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics was formed and the first national basketball tournament for women was held. In the same year, the first All-American women basketball team was selected.

Only recently in 1996, the American Basketball League (ABL) was founded and WNBA a year later. College basketball is supervised by the NCAAA. According to the NCAAA, there shall be 3 divisions for basketball to filter out the players. Division I is the most prominent and popular league that is participated by colleges that sponsor seven sports for women players.

This is followed by Division 2, participated by colleges that hold four sports for women players while Division 3 is played by colleges that organize five sports and have two participating teams. The winners of 31 matches will qualify for the annual basketball championship. Another 34 teams will be chosen by a selection committee. These teams are categorized into four pools and given seedings. The championship will be played on the 3rd Thursday of March every year between teams and the losers eliminated until a grand champion emerges. It is without question that the governing body of women's basketball is important to ensure smooth running of championships and to preserve the standards of this game.

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