Wood Chess Sets A Touch of Class

Early chess master Siegbert Tarrasch once said, "Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy". Why not add to your game-playing enjoyment by incorporating the natural beauty of a wood chess set. Wood chess sets are classic in the chess playing world because of their association with the Staunton style of design. But wood chess sets have also pushed and continue to push the boundaries of their visual stereotype due to avid and inventive chess artisans with advancing CNC technology, also known as robotic manufacturing methods.

Before you go out and purchase a wood chess set, understand that a wood chess set's style isn't the only feature worth considering in your purchase. Natural wood materials lend an innate touch of class to wood chess sets and can really emphasize chess set design. So the inquiring buyer should be aware of what materials are available in the manufacture of wood chess sets. This wide variety of timber contains species such as: Mahogany ? Particular strains of mahogany such as Khaya grandifoliola are popular choices in constructing wood chess sets. This particular wood chess set-friendly variety grows mostly on the West Coast of Africa. The color of mahogany's heartwood can range from a pink to a dark cocoa brown.

Maple ? Sugar Maple is a popular material used to manufacture wood chess sets. Wood chess sets using this species of maple have a faint red coloration that can also be interpreted as pink. Sugar Maple is readily accessible in North America as its found in New England, southeastern Manitoba, Nova Scotia, North Carolina and eastern Kansas.

Walnut ? European Walnut, also known as Juglans regia, came to Western Europe via the Romans and Asia Minor. European walnut is a market rarity as it is not in high supply and can only be found in the processed form of veneer. Wood chess sets made with European Walnut tend to have a grayish-brown hue with a darker irregular grain.

European walnut is durable and polishes well. Walnut, great for staining and enduring UV exposure makes a logical choice for use in the manufacture of wood chess sets. Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) ? Otherwise known as Palisander. Dalbergia latifolia grows in such places as the Indian peninsula. Sheesham can also be found near the Himalayan Mountains in Orissa, Sikkim, Bihar and Oudah.

Chess sets usually incorporate Indian Rosewood as a veneer as it isn't shaped easily by hand. Sheesham comes in hues from rose to dark brown. Erable ? Also called European Field Maple, this timber calls Europe home. Erable can be found in Europe's old growth forests, but it is more commonly harvested from human-regulated forests in places like Spain. Erable carves easily and wood chess sets made with erable have a soft golden coloring and strong inset grain that comes to life with a lacquered finish. Aspen ? Aspen is a popular material used in North American wood chess sets.

The Populus tremula strain of aspen or Trembling Aspen is found in an area that includes Virginia, Newfoundland and Alaska. Trembling Aspen is also found in the Rocky Mountains, southern Arizona and northern New Mexico. Aspen is colored from a light white to soft beige and adds a beautiful accent to wood chess sets. Many of the aforementioned materials can be found in wood chess sets sold by online distributors. Many online retailers have a wide selection to choose from.

Find one that provides a trusted and reliable online service with numerous quality materials and design choices.

John Sokol is the creator of Quality Chess. Quality Chess is a provider of a large selection of unique and classical chess boards including wood chess sets of maple, rosewood, hazelnut, mahogany, walnut and ash.

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Wood Chess Sets A Touch of Class - Wood chess sets are classic in the chess playing world because of their association with the Staunton style of design.

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